Thursday, February 23, 2017

Maths Inquiry 2017

This year my focus for my inquiry is around Maths, I will be looking into how assessment and the understanding of the stages of maths can help me to teach and meet the needs of my students.

We will look at add/sub to see where my students are at and work out what they need to achieve to advance to the next level.  There is a big gap in the students learning based around fractions.

Firstly I'll be having discussions with senior members of staff and getting PD around Maths teaching to support my inquiry.  I will be letting the students know what they need to achieve to progress through to the next stage to give them responsibility of their own learning.

I will be working with the maths progressions a lot this year and seeing how I can use this to assist the students learning in my classroom.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Inquiry 2017

“How can I accelerate maths achievement by focusing on Maths knowledge with groups working below national standard?”

The Manaiakalani Community of Learning is working together on this task using the expertise existing in of our community of learning.

In 2017 for my inquiry I have selected the following CoL achievement challenge 

#4. Increase the achievement of Years 1-10 learners, with a focus on Years 7-10,  in reading, writing and maths, as measured against National Standards and agreed targets.

The teaching as inquiry framework I will be using in 2017 has been specifically co-constructed for Manaiakalani schools using our familiar Learn Create Share structure.
The elements in this framework share close similarities with other models New Zealand teachers use.

I will be labelling my posts as I update my inquiry throughout the year to make the content easy to access.

Label Key:

Learn - Gather Evidence
Create - Make a plan
Share - Publish
Learn - Scan
Create - Try new things
Share - Co-teach
Learn - Identify Trends
Create - Innovate
Share - Model
Learn - Hypothesise
Create - Implement
Share - Guide
Learn - Research
Create - Reflect
Share - Feedback
Learn - Reflect

Share - Reflect