Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Where are we at? Where to now?

After 2 terms of inquiring into Boys' Writing I have become a lot more confident in my practise at teaching writing and the boys are making progress.  I'm still lucky enough to be meeting with this group of boys once a week, but we also spend a lot of time together in the classroom reinforcing what we have learned in our little group.

I also got the boys to present the writing that they had written that day this gives them  a sense of ownership of their writing.  Doing this with them makes it more enjoying for all of them, they look forward to presenting their writing after the lesson.

I now want to observe other teachers teach writing in different year levels, so I can see different ways that other teachers approach writing.  I'm also going to be inquiring into strategies I can use to get students to use different sentence lengths and write effective paragraphs.

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