Friday, April 6, 2018


We were very lucky to spend a day at KPMG in Auckland and break down, un pack and really look closely into our moonshot proposals.  We were given the opportunity to share our ideas with not only our own colleagues but KPMG employees as well, it was awesome to get ideas from someone that doesn't work in education as well.

A really inspiring idea that I got from one of my colleagues was talking about a year 7&8 teacher at Tamaki primary and what she did one year for her inquiry.  From my understanding she got her students teaching their little siblings at home by taking home word blends, books, and basic word games.  Not only did this help for their younger siblings but it also consolidated their own understanding.

We had a chance to sit down and share where we are all at, being able to reconnect with people that have similar moonshot ideas.  This was really awesome and inspiring.  We then split into small groups and shared our ideas and talked to each other about what we want to do and were able to give each other feedback.  I did a very rough (as you'll see) design on the whiteboard and was helped by both Dorothy and Hinerau of my Google Site that I'll be designing and creating.

I then went to my computer and thought I would have a play and see what it would look like.. very roughly.  I now will take the template below away and design the colour scheme and the rest of the site.  Learners and teachers will be able to use this site for resources of making movies and learning how to teach effectively via movie making.

If you have any ideas or feedback please leave me a comment or send me an email.

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