Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What's going on? Testing and Reports are all done!

The ball is rolling..  I took the 'Writing Hut' idea from Chris Marks' Blog  I spoke with my students about the idea and they were all on board and we designed this...

We then realised that the cardboard fell over and it wasn't working as you could still look out of it and got just as distracted.. 

So we went back to the drawing board, I then talked to a colleague and he had a heap of old election voting boxes that were being unused so the kids and I went and picked them up.  I gave the kids freedom of how they would like them to be designed.  They came up with this, and this is still working!



These 'Writing Huts' are amazing in our class and once the kids are in the Huts, no one is allowed to distract them, not even the teacher (rule they made)!  They love sitting there and getting stuck into their work.  They normally wear headphones to block out any noise around them as well.

The problem I've found is that the cardboard is slowly starting to wear out, so next term we will go back to the drawing board and have a go at creating something similar.

The Movie Making is happening!  

After a lot of teaching around how to film, what angles to use, how to hold the camera, how to use iMovie effectively.  My learners have started to understand how to make movies, they are taking baby steps but they're loving it.  It's made me understand how much the little things really matter.



The editing is what I've found the trickiest, everyone wants to have a turn and everyone needs to learn how to edit properly.  We are all having turns at learning how to edit on the iMacs and everyone is starting to get a lot better.  Some of my learners are now able to help other learners in our class.


How to Movies:
  • How to hold the iPad/Camera.
  • Different angles you can use.
  • How to use the basics of iMovie
These are a few movies my learners and I will be making for my site for everyone to be able to use.


  1. Love your work Zac! The kids look so engaged and I know they will end up with some great outcomes. Those writing huts are too cool. I can see why the boys love them.

  2. I want to go back to school and be in a writing hut! I can imagine it would help with imagining. Looking forward to seeing the inquiry unfold.thanks for sharing