Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Day 1 EdTech Summit Conference Sydney

I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to travel to Sydney and attend the 2 day EdTech Summit conference.  Thank you to the Manaiakalani Education Trust for giving me this opportunity. What an amazing day full of new ideas and connecting with educators all over the world.

Today was started with Jesse Lubinsky all the way from New York a very inspirational passionate man.  He spoke about children being superheroes in disguise, as educators it's our job to bring out the super power in each child and to see them shine in different ways in their lives.  Our job is to make every student in our class super while creating an environment where they feel safe to take risks and make mistakes.  When students are able to take risks in the classroom they will see failure but the joy that comes after failure is even greater.  
This really made me reflect on my own teaching and the learners in my classroom; am I giving them an opportunity to be super heroes?  Are my learners comfortable with taking risks in my classroom?

I then went to a session about using Lego in Literacy using doing stop go animations.  This is all about letting learners be creative and have conversations about making stories.  Giving learners this time is important to be creative and have fun in the classroom.  This is the animation I made below.

We finished with the Demo slam where presenters were able to give a 3 minute presentation about a tool or tip.  We had multiple speakers.  Our own Dorothy Burt spoke about creating a Google Keep app for your doc that's very simple and easy to use.

Today was full on, we learned so much but now I have to spend time thinking about how I'm going to incorporate all of these amazing ideas into my teaching practise.

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