Friday, May 12, 2017

Digital Intensive - Forms & Sheets

Today we had our second Digital Intensive Session.  Today we focused on Google Forms and Google Sheets.  We met and discussed what we would be going over today.

We went over Google Forms and made several forms for our colleagues to fill out.  This was awesome as I was able to understand how I could assist my students and use Google forms in the classroom.  One way that I found would be very helpful is by making a Pick a Path (Form linked).  I will use this in my writing program that will give the students a story line, we will discuss vocabulary that can be used, then they can write the paths that they took in the Pick a Path story.

Click on the link here to do my pick a path story.

I learned about a website called Kahoot, where you are able to do a visible quiz with your whole class.  I'm going to personally do this for Maths Knowledge in my class, I think this will be a fun interactive way to teach Maths Knowledge in the classroom.

This was an amazing day and I learned lots of ideas that will enhance my teaching.  Thank you to Dorothy and James for making this happen.

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