Friday, May 26, 2017

Share - Using Chromebooks

Today we focused on using a range of different devices, we used iPads, Chromebooks, and our mac books.  We discussed things that had worked in our class this week and what hadn't.  I used Kahoot multiple times this week.  My children loved it, we used it for whole class Maths Knowledge.  This ties in with my own inquiry into my teaching.  I had great engagement in this activity and will continue using it in my classroom.

We discussed the 'Share' out of 'Learn, Create, Share'.  There are so many different ways students are able to share their learning.  We can show it to a classmate, class, principal, whanau, our community and then we can share it with the world via our blogs.

We did the Digital Dig together, which is a resource made by Fiona Grant & Rachel Mackinlay.  This resource is amazing, it shows children shortcuts on their Chromebook and how to use basic and more advanced tools on their device.  I learned how I can show my students all of these shortcuts, by using this poster that I created.
By using this with my students it will gift them so much knowledge about their Chromebooks and how to use them much more efficiently.

We then made a screencastify about some of our own student's blogs.  We discussed our children's blogs, how many views they had, what was there most popular post?  Why do they get so many views?

Today was another amazing day, we learned so many helpful things that will my assist my teaching.  One thing that I learned how to do that will help my students is to be able to Screencastify.  I didn't know how to get my students to do this on their Chromebook.  So I will now be able to get them to explain their learning on their device and post it on their blog for their whanau and others to see.


  1. This is a comprehensive post Zac. Thanks for including so many elements from the day. I enjoy reading and hearing about how you utilise your new skills with your learners and what you find useful in the classroom context. Without a class of my own I rely on feedback from practitioners about what really works.

    I'm pleased you discovered screencastify this week. It may not have the elegance of some of the Apple products, but it is in the hands of every learner and has the potential for every child to to capture their learning making it visible and rewindable as you mention.

    I am also pleased you had time to explore the impact blogging has globally for our learners and those incredible view statistics for very young children are impressive. I was personally interested to see the enormous audience your film festival post has had. I hope that alone makes all that effort you put into your movie feel worthwhile!

    Thanks for being such a positive member of this plg.

  2. Kia Ora Dorothy, we are learning so many different ways of bettering our teaching on our Digital Intensive course. This is a big goal of mine this year that you are talking about, making learning rewindable. I often show students the analytics of our Class Site and who around the world has viewed all the learning we are doing, they get blown away. Yes, film festival was so much fun, can't wait for it again this year!