Sunday, May 14, 2017

Inquiry Maths - Term 2

Throughout the holidays and this term, I have been thinking about my inquiry.  I was starting to confuse myself, more than help.

There were other needs much greater in the classroom then this for me.  I was unsure of the road map and how it was going to help me. So I thought about looking at teaching place value knowledge to my students. This is a huge need for a majority of my students. I think by doing this not only will it help my students excel, but will better their understanding and fill the gaps in the learning that need to be filled.

To start this, I will observe different teachers throughout my school. I will try group work and whole class work to see what suits my children the best. Teaching place value knowledge is not a strength I have, therefore my students don't get this in their daily learning as much as they should. Buy bettering myself at teaching place value knowledge I won't only become a better teacher but this will also benefit my students.  I believe that if students do not have a very good understanding of place value knowledge, they will struggle to progress in maths. By doing this I hope that I will fill these gaps and give the students what they need to succeed in maths.

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