Friday, June 2, 2017

Cyber Smart & Google Sites

Today we had Fiona come in and talk about being Cyber Smart.  What does it mean to be Cyber Smart, what should the children be posting on their blogs?  Fiona talked about the Cyber Smart curriculum and how we need to implement this in our classrooms.  We discussed now that we are all working in digital schools how we each have digital footprints and how you can find these.  We also talked about analytics with sites.  I often show my children who's been looking at our site and they're amazed that people from Canada, America, and Samoa view our class site.

After this we then looked at the basics around sites, we created our own site which you can see below.  We talked about inserting youtube videos and how to embed them properly by changing the size of the video.  We used a 3 column site, next week we will look more into using HTML and using tables.  Today I found a site that makes it a lot easier to get the right size embedded youtube videos on your site, have a go!

We had another amazing day with lots of amazing new ideas to incorporate into our teaching this week.  Big thanks again to Dorothy and Fiona for sharing all these amazing ideas with us.

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  1. Hey Zac,

    Gutted I missed this session and some of the new learning undertaken. Especially the site that resizes things- no more calculators and dividing by ridiculous decimals!!! CyberSmart has so many purposeful links and I'm hoping you managed to see how easy it is to embed across and within a curriculum programme.