Thursday, June 8, 2017

Visible Learning - Google Sites

Today we talked about making learning visible.  We discussed all the different audiences that we have.  When our children are asked the simple question "How was school? What did you learn today", instead of answering with "nothing mum" or "I can't remember" parents can say "show me what you learned today".  Having our learning made visible makes it easier not just for our children but for our whanau as well, they are able to connect with their children and have discussions around the learning they're doing in class that week.  Our class site is easy to access and whanau are able to see exactly what their child is learning about each week.

We were very lucky to have Mr Matt Goodwin come and run a session on HTML and how you can use image mapping.  We had a main image which we sized to fit the page.  We then went into pixlr and were able to find the co-ordinates for the different parts of the image.  The awesome feature image mapping has is that it doesn't open new tabs, it stays on the same website.  Have a go!

I will use image mapping on my class site with different images, it has already given me great ideas of how I can modify my site this year and different ideas for creating my site for next year for my children.  This is the site I made today.

Thank you to Dorothy, James and Matt for sharing all their knowledge around making learning visible and using HTML on sites.

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