Friday, June 16, 2017

Trip to Pt England - Sites

Today we started off with a brief korero around what we had done in our classes this week.   We then went into Pt England School to watch Pat Snedden receive his Queens award.  We are so lucky to have Pat help us, not just our cluster, but all of our children as they strive to succeed.  Our school sung a waiata for Pat and his wife and then performed a very emotional haka.

Soon after we were off back to the Manaiakalani headquarters.  We talked more about sites and got a chance to critique each others sites, it got heated..  It was a great opportunity to let people know what looked amazing and what needed changing, this turned into great discussion.  I needed to have a look at how many fonts I had on my site, as you should only have 2.

We then talked about a database that Angela Moala has created for Multimodal reading.  We then discussed if something could be made for iPad teachers, Dorothy then created a Google Sheet and teachers have already started adding their activities to this shared google sheet.  I think this is such a wonderful idea, but it did get me thinking...

If we have a database for Multi text reading for chrome books, why can't we have a database for Maths Activities?  Above is the google sheet for the explain everything maths data base.  If we were able to share our resources and use our colleagues resources not just in our cluster but around NZ, it would be such an amazing overall resource.  If you were to write a one sentence description about what your activity was focused on and what stage it was targeted for, the other teachers would instantly know if it was something that would want to use or not.  If multiple people got behind this, it would be amazing.  Anyway, something to sleep on..

Thanks once again to Dorothy and James for making this day happen, we are all continuously learning so many different things that are helping our teaching every week.  

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  1. Zac your Maths idea is a very good one. Let's talk about how we can action it.